Howdy! My name is Shean Smith and I’m the creator of Slung Dung. Why Slung Dung? Slung Dung is all about my joy ride out of religion (YEE-HAW!) and my sashay into a new life that’s free from Christianity and the doubt, shame, guilt, and fear it causes.

So, why Slung Dung? Slung Dung and the whole dung motif is taken from the words of a man who lived two thousand years ago. This man tossed his religion, credentials, and religious obligations into the dung pile called “religion.” I consider everything I learned and accomplished in Christianity to be useless dung so I could understand what love is. I declared bankruptcy on the failings of my life when I came to know love; my life is rich with peace as a result. Thankfully, Christianity is a distant memory; I consider it “butt dung” so that I may become a man of love.

I find the words, “butt dung,” funny because it aptly describes religion’s place in humanity. People invent religion, so religion springs from humanity’s buttocks. For too long I’ve lived in the shadow of religion’s buttocks and have been pooped on because of it. I’ve even pooped on others; however, now I know the truth that has set me free. I’ve slung the dung called, “Christianity,” out of my life, as well as the doubt, shame, guilt, and fear that goes along with it.

I no longer wear the stench of religious dung; I now wear the sweet perfume of love that I’d like to pass along to you. Slung Dung is about me sharing my discovery of the truth about all religion that will set people free. Christianity promises to set people free, but all it can give is religious obligation wrapped in doubt, shame, guilt, and fear.

I am no religious leader or guru looking for followers. I’d like to see people live free and clear of Christianity and all other religions, along with their myriads of confusing religious ideologies. I want to see people’s lives filled with peace and love. So, thanks for your time; I hope you have a good day and that you’re able to sling the religious dung in your life onto the dung heap of yesterday, so you can move forward and live freely today. And that’s no bull! So, until next time … “When religion hits the fan … DUCK!”

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Shean Smith