What Is Love?

Humanity has one guideline in life that replaced religion, religious obligation, religious leaders, and religious books, which is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love doesn’t do any harm to anyone and is the fulfillment of all that’s good in life. Below is an apt description of Love.

The following are words that describe who Love is and her characteristics. She …Is Patient

  • Is Kind
  • Is Humble
  • Is A Peacemaker
  • Isn’t Jealous
  • Doesn’t Brag
  • Stops War
  • Doesn’t Seek Revenge
  • Is Glad When Love Wins Over Vengeance
  • Isn’t Proud
  • Sets People Free
  • Doesn’t Keep Score of Being Wronged
  • Is Saddened About Injustice
  • Isn’t Rude
  • Isn’t Pushy
  • Isn’t Irritable
  • Never Quits
  • Is Always Confident
  • Never Loses Hope
  • Never Dies

  • Love taught me how to love myself and to love all people by seeing them worthy of respect and kindness. If all people stop practicing religion and start practicing love, love will become everybody’s first nature, then religion and war will disappear. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Shean Smith