Love Is Divine?

Christianity claims that it’s god is love, but its violent actions towards humanity tell a different story. Love does no harm to anyone, which disproves Christianity’s god as being authentic.

Love is the only divinity worth believing in. Only love can save humanity from the violence people do to each other. The name, “Joshua,” is English for a Hebrew word that means, “love is salvation.” Love does not hurt anyone regardless of what he or she does. Love is the only deity that I believe in and is the only one I tell people about.

To some I will appear to be religious regardless of what I say or do because I dare to use words like “god” and “divinity,” but that is okay. Love is my religion and my Force in this life. I do not push myself on anyone or try to convert anyone. I have no followers and do not seek any. Love is the one force in this world that everybody can believe in whether or not they believe in a divine presence. And that’s no bull!

Shean Smith