Love Frees Us To Be Gods?

The simplest definition of a “god” is “an individual with free will to choose and live as one desires without external limitations.” Religion has changed this meaning to refer only to one divine being that humanity has to kowtow to. When humanity began it had no morality rules, except a prohibition against eating a particular fruit. This fruit equates to selfishness and is the antithesis of love.

Love covers and then wipes away all human failings. Love is the only divine power in the Universe that overlooks all of humanity’s faults and certainly does not condemn anyone for his or her failings and faults. Love frees people to be who they are without having a list of prohibitions. The difference between the beginning of humanity and now is that at the beginning there was a prohibition, however, now there are no prohibitions, but a simple guideline to live by, which is, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Love cancels all religion. Love makes all humanity pure and free from rules, religious control and makes them “individuals with free will to choose and live as they desire without external limitations.” There is nothing that any person can do that will destroy love and his or her status as pure individuals in Joshua’s eyes (Joshua means, “love is salvation”). Only love can and will overlook humanity’s failings and faults and only see the good in them. For example, my wife knows about my failings and faults and overlooks them because she loves me; we are still married after more than twenty-two years.

Love is perfect; it was Joshua that placed the seed of love in every person ever born. We decide how big love’s seed grows in us through our thoughts and actions. All people can believe in the unseen power of love whether or not they believe in a divinity.

People are limited versions of Joshua in that we have the freedom of choice to think whatever we want to without being condemned. I would add freedom of actions, but there are limitations on what people can do that are based on humanity’s laws. However, it does not mean humanity can do magic or be a god of another universe and/or solar system (that is insanity).

Shean Smith