Love And Favor?

Love does no harm to anyone and respects all human life as precious and deserving of every good thing. Favor is being kind to everybody regardless of who they are and what they do, have done, and will do. It is impossible to love and not show favor. Both love and favor are unearned, or they are frauds. No deed, word, or prayer can secure love and favor for anyone. Religion teaches otherwise; religion is controlled by men who want to control people with rules. Love and favor have no rules except one; be kind to everybody regardless of the circumstances.

Everybody has a seed of love in them from birth. It is up to each person how much he or she will let that love grow. The more people nurture the love in them the greater capacity for love they will have. Love begins as a small seed in people’s heart and flourishes into a huge live oak tree if nurtured. Then, that live oak tree becomes a refuge for people to get away from the vicious animal called, “this life.” Love and favor, like a live oak tree, are our refuge when life and its scary circumstances are nipping at our heels.

With love, we do not have to worry about climbing into it. Love reaches down with her strong, velvet branches; she lifts up frightened and weary people and sets them down into her treehouse of protection and refuge. All people have the potential to be live oak trees who can sweep up hurting people into their arms with tender kindness. We show people our favor when we are kind to them regardless of who they are and what they do. Love always favors people and succeeds always. And that’s no bull!

Shean Smith