I produce these videos and other media for the purpose of making people feel loved and accepted by freeing them from the 1,900 years of fear, shame, deceit, and the spiritual, emotional, and physical abuse that religion and churches have inflicted on humanity. All Slung Dung productions seek to clarify the freeing truth about the Power of love that religion covers up with religious obligation. Therefore, without reservations I openly and willingly repudiate and reject all religion, especially my former religion, Christianity, its version of Jesus Christ, as well as all religion’s liberal, moderate, and conservative groups, churches, denominations, doctrines, creeds, theologians, clergy, the bible as the word of its god, etcetera. I am indifferent about religion because it and its teachings are irrelevant in this life and the one beyond the grave. Therefore, there is no reason to debate the irrelevant. I am in no way affiliated with any group. I am a completely independent agent of conscience and goodwill towards all people. Please enjoy Slung Dung’s productions.

Shean Smith