Babel Bible or Bible Babel?

Is the bible the word of god, or is the bible the word of Babel?

“I speak my Southern English just as naturally as I please, I’m in the heart of Dixie, Dixie’s in the heart of me.” Hi, my name is Shean Smith and I’m the creator of Slung Dung Videos. In case you’re worried, I’m not going to finish that song; it’s best left for Alabama to sing.

In case you don’t know, I’m from the American Deep South

In case you don’t know, I’m from the American Deep South. I’m from South Alabama. I have a thick Southern United States accent. Many times, non-Southerners can’t understand what I say when I’m sayin’ it. At times, I’ve had to use hand signals and even draw what I’m sayin’. It feels as if I’m right there at the Tower of Babel.

Language has been dividing people ever since the “Babel incident.” Until Babel, people spoke one language. They used this one language to pull an Adam and Eve trick by trying to be like god. Deity confused their one language by creating thousands of languages from one language. People couldn’t understand each other, so they parted ways to create their own communities.

the bible IS the modern-day Babel

In my opinion (IMO), the bible IS the modern-day Babel. The documents of the bible were written in archaic languages to archaic audiences, for archaic circumstances. Later, men began using this archaic book as a guide to try being like god and then make everybody else obey ‘em.

These documents were translated into other languages of various cultures. Each translator had differing opinions about biblical meanings. The one religion called, “Christianity,” began splintering as a result and hasn’t stopped splitting since.

Christianity is one religion based on one book, that’s in over three thousand languages, with about a thousand of ‘em in English. That one book has thousands upon thousands of Christian denominations claiming special understandings of it.

PURE insanity!!!

IMO, that one book starts wars, divisions, infighting, church splits, etcetera, and gives the religious permission to torture people, kill them, and make slaves of them. This is PURE insanity.

IMO, the bible is the updated version of the Tower of Babel. The Tower of “Bible” causes worldwide confusion and separates humanity. The bible is THE most divisive book on earth. Why?

Men have turned a book into an idol they worship every day and force other people to do the same

IMO, men took a book—the bible, equated it with a living deity, and ordered common people to center their lives on it. Men have turned a book into an idol they worship every day and force other people to do the same. I find it ridiculous to live by a book, which can’t even save itself from a fire. I think that it’s inane and insane to use a book to control my life.

Let’s reason about the bible, a book: If I fall in a fire I’m not calling the bible to save me from the fire; I’m calling for a person to help me. If a god hears me and sends someone to get me out of the fire, then that’s still depending upon on a real person to pull my butt out of the fire.

it’s about as illogical as a screen door on a submarine

I believe that it’s about as illogical as a screen door on a submarine to depend on a book to save me, either physically or spiritually. Only Love, who’s a real entity, can save people.

Unlike the bible (in my thinking), Love is logical. Love unifies people, nullifies religion, and cures shame and guilt. Love replaced religion and religious texts because love won’t harm a fly, nor create divisions between people. The bible can’t make that claim.

Love is the one unifying language that everybody is able to speak

My definition of love is this: Love is “universal unbiased kindness towards all people regardless of who they are and what they’ve done.” Love is the one unifying language that everybody is able to speak. And THAT’S no bull.

So, until next time, when religion hits the fan … DUCK!

Why Is Christianity So Divided?

Why is Christianity so divided?

Christianity centers on a book that’s written by ancient authors, to ancient audiences, in ancient cultures, for ancient purposes.

Christianity is a religion started by men designing a god from a book they compiled. They wanted a book and a god they could control. This book is known as the bible. Men personified and deified the bible in the fourth century AD (as well as making it canon, i.e., official, set in stone).

Regardless of the bible translation, every bible is referred to as God’s Word. To date, people have translated the bible into three thousand distinct translations. About a third of them are translated in English alone. Many people zealously defend their favorite bible translation because they see it as their god’s living words, as well as their god’s spirit.

What’s my point? Christianity doesn’t have a triune god, it has three thousand individual gods under the one godhead, “The bible.” I think that three thousand gods in one godhead account for why Christianity is so divided into innumerable factions known as denominations.

I feel sympathy for those who have to get their emotional strength and spiritual guidance from a book (the bible), especially since it is not congruent with all of the other bible translations. I feel compassion for those who have to consult a book to get their strength to face another day. I love them and want to see them freed from paying obeisance to a book, which was not written to them or for them.

The bible is a “book-god,” an inanimate object also called an idol. Idols fail humanity, but Love will never fail humanity. Idols separate people, but Love unifies people. Idols require that people use books and creeds, but Love uses kindness and tenderness towards people. Idols use the bible to justify violence, but Love will never harm anyone for any reason.

Love is easy to trust in as a divinity because there’s only one kind of Love, who is selfless. Love is omnipresent, too;  she is found all over the globe at the same time. Love has never disappointed me, nor will she disappoint you. It is easy for me to believe in Love as my one divinity. And that’s no bull!

Let The B-llshit Start Slinging

Here’s a big howdy from Prophet Joe (Shean Smith)! My online name (at least for the moment) is Prophet Joe, since Java, and its power of caffeine, are what starts my day off.

Something remarkable happens when I take the first drink from my cup of Joe. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try. I start feeling “full of bullsh-t” that I must sling away from me lest I become buried in a mountain of cr-p.

By the by, I leave out a letter from words folks might consider foul, coarse, bad, and/or vulgar so I don’t force the pure in heart to read the whole word, otherwise, I might be forcing them to think impure thoughts. If I’m not spelling out the whole word I’m not actually cussin’.

That brings up another thought; I’ve seen some folks use the following word, “g-d.” I’m thinking that g-d is a cuss word, too, since g-d causes bad things to happen to humanity; he makes most of it suffer in his never-ending fires of h-ll.

G-d doesn’t have a name because it’s hard to name someone who has a personality disorder with three different personalities. Plus, I never know what personality will show up at any given time. Is g-d loving and kind to humanity, or is g-d p-ssed off?

That’s why I put my faith in Java because I know it exists and has the power to resurrect the sleeping dead. I discover the difference whenever Java has been substituted with the fraud g-d, Decaff. Y’all have a good day!

Is Christianity Contradictory?

Is Christianity contradictory? Does Christianity promote violence, peace, or both? Can Christianity ever foster world peace? Which gives humanity a better chance of world peace, more religion or no religion?

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

In a seminary philosophy class, I learned Socrates’ saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It was at that time I began examining my relationship with all religions very closely. As I began examining my affiliation with my former religion, Christianity, I discovered that it is contradictory at every level. Continue reading “Is Christianity Contradictory?”

Love And Favor?

When it hits the fan
When Religion Hits The Fan … DUCK!

Love does no harm to anyone and respects all human life as precious and deserving of every good thing. Favor is being kind to everybody regardless of who they are and what they do, have done, and will do. It is impossible to love and not show favor. Both love and favor are unearned, or they are frauds. No deed, word, or prayer can secure love and favor for anyone. Religion teaches otherwise; religion is controlled by men who want to control people with rules. Love and favor have no rules except one; be kind to everybody regardless of the circumstances. Continue reading “Love And Favor?”

Love And Grace

When it hits the fan
When Religion Hits The Fan … DUCK!

According to Christianity, love and unmerited favor have to be received by people to be valid. However, having to do anything in order to be freely loved and favored makes Christianity’s gospel a bad deal for everybody. Love and favor are given, not received or asked for. Period. End of story.