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Howdy! Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the Internet. My name is Shean (pronounced Shawn) Smith. I sling away the dung of religion that has crusted over the simplicity of life and show people what real love is. This dung is the religious obligations that cause humanity doubt, shame, guilt, and fear. To enjoy Slung Dung’s Blog, Vlog, and Podcast please click here. By the way, I am the fastest dung slinger in the USA! 

What To Expect From Slung Dung

Slung Dung is about slinging away the religious dung that causes people doubt, shame, guilt, and fear of the unknown. I define religion as “abstract ideologies based on passionate suppositions that purport to be factual, but negate all reason.” Organized religion, politics and all fanaticisms are examples of what I deem as religion.

In this website you will discover the truth about religion being the root of humanity’s problems, and how to be free from religion, religious obligation, and reclaim your individuality. Please peruse this site and enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time to visit Slung Dung. Have a terrific day!

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Shean Smith